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Examples demonstrating some common use cases for the graphy JavaScript API.

Concise Terms, Triples and Quads

Documentation for concise-term strings and concise-triples/concise-quads hashes.

Quad Filter Expressions

Documentation for quad filter expressions.

Data Factory

Documentation for the @graphy/ package which covers the interfaces for RDF data objects and the methods used to create and mutate them.

Fast Dataset

Documentation for the @graphy/ package which allows for union, intersection, inclusion, canonicalization, reduction and so forth.

Reading & Writing (Serializing & Deserializing)

Covers all functionality exposed by packages prefixed with the following prefixes:
  • @graphy/content.nt.*
  • @graphy/content.nq.*
  • @graphy/content.ttl.*
  • @graphy/content.trig.*
  • @graphy/content.xml.*